DETAILS (original)

All studio rentals include 100A electrical distribution service, standard grip package, WiFi, four folding tables, wardrobe racks, steamer, iron/ironing board, dressing room. Additional details below.

If used, a cyc wall fee of $100 will be charged for paint/repainting. Please let us know your requirements in advance to determine if this applies to your shoot.

Use of certain types of continuous lighting (high amp equipment) are subject to plug-in fees. Large productions may also be subject to additional fees due to spike charges.

We’ll include breakfast, lunch, and a generous assortment of snacks and beverages for $40/person. Coffee, water, and sparkling water are always free.

Two 55 gallon garbage containers are included. Garbage exceeding this needs to be disposed or special arrangements made for removal. If needed, a dumpster can be rented for you for an additional cost. We do request you will leave the studio the way you found it. Any extra cleaning could incur an extra charge.

Depending on the project usage of paper, supplies, and, resources, a disposable charge could incur.

Renters must acquire a Certificate of Insurance with k2 Studios, LLC (4126 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407) listed as a certificate holder. If possible, you may also submit a ST-3 certificate of tax exemption.

Following your shoot, we will send your invoice. Payment is due upon receipt. Missing, damaged, or broken resources are subject to additional charges. Checks can be made payable to k2 Studios, LLC.

All cancellations must be made at least three days in advance or half the rental fee will be charged.

Rental rates are based on a 10 hour day between the hours of 7am-7pm M-F. Overtime rates are as follows:
– Hours 11 & 12: $175/hour
– Hours 13 & 14: $225/hour
– Over 14 hours: $350/hour
Weekends are a 50% higher rate.

Production assistance is available through K-Productions.  Tap into our many resources, including but not limited to photographers, DPs, still and video crews, audio, talent, stylists, make-up artists, set builders, and more. If you have your own production needs covered, we’re more than happy to let you do your thing and take advantage of our beautiful studio.

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