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Planning your next shoot? We would be thrilled for you to call k2 Studios home. Reach out to us at to schedule a tour, inquire about availability, book a shoot, or for any other questions you might have.

Speaking of questions, read and click on the dropdown menus below for FAQs.

– Stills Rental  |  $850 / 10-hour day
– Video Rental  |  $1,300 / 12-hour day

– Stills Rental  |  $800 / 10-hour day
– Video Rental  |  $1,000 / 12-hour day

– Flat Rental  |  $700 / 10-hour day



When confirming, a COI and signed rental agreement are required prior to booking. 

Renters must acquire a Certificate of Insurance with k2 Studios, LLC (4126 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407) listed as a certificate holder. If possible, you may also submit an ST-3 certificate of tax exemption.




Your invoice will be sent following your shoot. Sales tax is applied only for rental equipment. Payment is due upon receipt. Missing, damaged, or broken resources are subject to additional charges. Checks can be made payable to k2 Studio, LLC.


All cancellations must be made at least five business days in advance or half the rental fee will be charged. If cancellations are made within 24hrs, the full rental will be charged.


We charge a small fee of $30/shoot for us to maintain being as responsible as possible with our studio products. This includes cleaning products, beverages, paper products, and more. If any of these materials are used in excess, a higher charge could incur. Productions create a lot of waste, and we like to do our part in keeping things as sustainable as possible.


Each studio rental comes with trash, compost, and recycling bin. If you need more than what is supplied, a dumpster can be rented for you for an additional cost. We do request you will leave the studio the way you found it. All items must be accounted for or disposed of at the end of your shoot. Any additional cleaning or waste removal services could incur an extra charge.


You are welcome to pull props and build sets yourself using our resources or request a quote to have us do it for you. If you utilize our prop room, please maintain a list of what you grab and a price will be determined on usage. We ask you to put things back where you found it or a restocking fee may be charged. Learn more about our props + set resources here.


For an additional fee, we’ll include breakfast, lunch, and a generous assortment of snacks and beverages for $40/per person. Coffee, water, and sparkling water are always free.


Rental rates are based on a 10-hour day for stills and a 12-hour day for video between 7 am-7 pm M-F. Weekends are a 50% higher rate.

Overtime rates are as follows:
– Hours 13 & 14  |  $225/hour
– Over 14 hours  |  $350/hour


– Crews of 15+  |  $350 / day
– Cyc wall usage  |  $350 for paint/repainting
– Studio manager (multiple day video)  |  $350 / day
– Full day prep/wrap – A & B  |  same as studio day rates
– Full day prep/wrap – C  |  $600 / day
– Early delivery/late pick-up (same day)  |  $150 / day
– Single/three-phase Camlok (LEDs)  |  $150 / rental
– Single/three-phase Camlok (Tungsten)  |  $300 / day
– Excess materials & supplies  |  Based on usage


If needed, production assistance is available through K-Productions. Tap into our many resources, including but not limited to photographers, DPs, still and video crews, audio, talent, stylists, make-up artists, set builders, and more. If you have your own production needs covered, we’re more than happy to let you do your thing and take advantage of our beautiful studios.


We’ve provided guidelines and enhanced safety measures so you can shoot with peace of mind.

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