At k2, we maintain safety and cleanliness in a comfortable working environment. For starters, k2 staff is COVID-compliance certified. We’ve also invested in new resources and implemented additional steps to our procedures as outlined below. Please note that we will continue to follow the Centers for Disease Control, AICP standards, and Minnesota Department of Health’s guidelines and update our protocol frequently.


In advance of all shoots, we’ll work with you to determine in-person individuals vs. virtual attendees to keep on-site numbers to 10 or less in the main studio space and smaller numbers in peripheral rooms. Additionally, we’ll implement tiered schedules and arrival times to help ensure social distancing during check-in.

First and foremost: if you or any family members are sick or not feeling well, please stay home. We all have an individual responsibility to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Before and during a shoot, it’s expected that everyone follow the guidelines below:

– Self monitor your health
– Always wear a mask
– Wash your hands frequently
– Avoid touching your face
– Limit contact with others

Staggered arrival times will be given to each individual to ensure social distancing and time to complete the required steps required to enter the studio:

– Acknowledge no known contact with anyone who has COVID-19 within the last 14 days
– Complete MN Department of Health screening and sign k2 waiver
– Touchless infrared temperature check
– Cell phone sterilization via infrared cleaning
– Clean hands using provided sanitizer
– Masks are mandatory and can be provided if needed
– Shoe sanitizing station

Once in the studio, we will always have the following resources available:

– Disposable masks for those who request one (make-up artists will also receive a face shield and  gloves)
– Personal areas designated to maintain social distancing
– Designated entrances, exits, and walkways through the studio
– Added trash cans
– Additional hand washing stations
– Touchless sanitizer dispensers and foot door openers
– Shoe covers, cleaning supplies, and gloves
– Call buttons to signal our team’s designated individual for all studio needs
– Continuous disinfecting routine for high traffic areas
– HVAC filtration maintenance and improved airflow
– Plexi dividers or shower curtains
– List of expectations and reminders displayed around the studio

Our guidelines for craft services include:

No community buffet set ups, eliminating self service for all food and beverages
– All meals and beverages will be handed out by a designated individual
– Snacks must be individually wrapped and all meals/beverages must be single serve
– Personal food, beverage, containers, or utensils are not allowed*
*If you have dietary restrictions and prefer to bring your own food, please let us know in advance
– All silverware must be disposable (most of our options are compostable or recyclable)
– Food deliveries will be sanitized with disinfectant wipes prior to distributing
– At lunch, individuals must eat at least 6′ apart

– If not purchasing craft services from k2, clients must provide us with their craft service plan

Take safety to the next level with these protocol preparedness add-ons.
0-9 PEOPLE / $200-$500  |  10-19 PEOPLE / $800-$2,000  |  20+ PEOPLE / CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE

– On-site medic
– On-site cleaner
– Personal craft services snack tote
– Individual call buttons for
– Masks and hand sanitizers
– Headsets (EarTec UltraLITE) or Motorola Radios
– Virtual Video Village